Visit_1Since 2002 Visit Consulting IT Consulting GmbH offers consulting and maintenance services of IRC and infraWise software products in Europe. Since 2015, we have expanded our portfolio by consulting services around the themes of data center consulting and DC modernization, IT security, Service Desk for public transport and digitization in public transport business.

We offer consulting from starting with an idea, defining and planning of the project, tendering to commissioning and training.

Our competences are planning, project management and tendering in the fields:

  • Control center design – processes, organsisation and requirements for the technical conversion
  • HOAI engineering services
  • Depot Management (DMS) – processes, organization, tendering and commissioning
  • Central data hubs public transportVisit_Planung
  • Digitization of processes in public transport
  • New construction, planning and operation of data centers
  • Data center emergency management and operational concept
  • IT security and implementation of ISO 27000
  • ITIL processes in practice

Our international clients include several banks and IT outsourcers in Europe. Among our international partners we work with InfraWise Inc. (USA), DMK Partnership LLC (USA) and GPG (Global Partnership Group G.P.G Limited) in Cyprus.