Planning a turnkey data center

Such a major project such as the construction of a turnkey data center is mostly squandered by several different issues. As for example, the power supply in the prior server room for this new set of applications and servers is not sufficiently large enough or a new office building at the site the second data center is planned, in which the primary data center can not move, as both data centers needs to have a distance more than 5 km.

A holistic view of the requirements for a new data center makes it possible to take into account all conditions and factors in time. Thus, the future IT strategy, such as the use of converged IT systems or virtualisation and standardization of IT systems will have an impact on the performance and sizing of the data center. ….

Read thefull article (in German) at the IT-Aktuell web site. A translation at our web site will be ready soon.

Planning a turnkey data centre

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