We offer a wide range of support and consulting services in the areas

  • Introduction and migration of Depot Management System (DMS)
    • DMS draft and detailed concepts and processesDMS software
    • DMS RFI and tender documents
    • DMS E-Mobility concepts
    • DMS Implementation
    • DMS interfaces and process digitization
  • ECM Entity in Charge of Maintenance
    • Digitalization of Maintenance
    • Change Management
    • Competence Management
    • Digital Checklist
    •  Integrating with ERP Systems
  • Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Data Center planning and Data Center modernisation
    • Draft and detailed concepts
    • Tender documents
  • Data Center technology
  • Management of the Data Center
    • Data Center operational processes and organization
    • Data Center emergency planning and emergency processes
  • Control room – technical, organisational and process design
  • Digitization in the public transport  business
  • Communication engineering services
  • Project management and project controlling