Control Centre

Control centre, the key success factor of a public transport the service centre

The control centre is the central service contact for the operation of buses, trams and trains after leaving the Depot. The control centre, the entire IT and communications technology must be available 24 hours a day, without interruption.

In order to manage the operation efficiently and effectively, the processes, the organization and the use of the IT technology must be coordinated.

The staff at the control centre must be able to provide immediate support and assistance in the event of disturbances or deviations of any kind and in emergencies. To do this, you need a current status about the use and location of all vehicles on the route as well as permanent and performance-free availability of control center technology.

The integration of modern media Technology, including a large video wall incorporating acoustics, air conditioning, interior design and furnishing is also a challenge. Set the focus on the current processes and the IT technology used to bring these topics into harmony.
The consultants of VisIT Consulting support you in the practical and implementable definition, integration and introduction and modernization of your control Centre.