Data Centre Planning

When planning your data center, you must consider both the technical and the various organizational, human, and operational aspects of a data center operation.
You can do such a project with us in 2 ways. As a step concept or as a HOAI project. The result is the same, only the procedure and structure of the project is different.
stage Concept

  1. Collecting and defining the requirements and technical and organizational framework conditions to the planning. Consider the future IT strategy. Set the required availability.
  2. Creating a rough concept based on the requirements for availability and classification in an RZ category. Identify implementation alternatives and prepare a recommendation.
  3. Create a detailed concept and define the parameters for the implementation.
  4. Definition of the type of specifications.
    Option 1 is a functional specifications
    Option 2 is a complete technical elaboration of the specifications
  5. Invitation to tender or offer request.

HOAI planning
We can also realize the project as a HOAI project with the coordinated service phases.
In both project procedures we rely on a broad knowledge and already defined questions and solutions.

We plan and modernize your data center, from the idea to a rough and detailed concept for tendering, to construction or conversion. We consider the requirements of data center operation, the current and future IT strategy and the standards recognized by the requirements, such as: a. those of DIN EN 50600.






  • air Conditioning
  • fire alarm system
  • Brandfrühsterkennung
  • NSHV, AV, SV, UPS and battery system
  • Network and cabling
  • Access control
  • perimeter protection
  • monitoring
  • IT security
  • RZ operational concepts
  • RZ Emergency Management
  • .

As part of the commissioning, we are already taking care of the data, measuring points and information of the technical infrastructure of the data center needed for the operating concept. The basis for this is an extensive technical documentation of the data center and its infrastructure. Read soon about it in the following section – Operational concept.
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