Digitisation Public Transport

Digitization is one of the world’s most exciting and up-to-date topics and will continue to capture and sustainably change the lives and work of our present and future generations.
In public transport, mobility within cities and in the inflow of cities is becoming increasingly important. As a result, companies will have to offer digital solutions that are individually tailored to their customers’ information needs. The customer is always guided by the privately usable solutions of the Internet and social platforms. The customer expects more than just being transported from A to B. The increasing demand for mobility and a continuous supply of supply independent of the transport medium presents companies with a great challenge.
In today’s digital age, customers expect that as a passenger, access to and use of the public transport service will be facilitated, offering them solutions for their personal communication and sales behavior. The customer expects permanent and always up-to-date information and digital access to the services.
In order to be able to implement digitization in companies, it is necessary for companies to provide the necessary new technologies and processes in a timely manner. In order to successfully implement this project, the complete process chain and the data required for it must be provided digitally in order to reorganize the processing of the data with the appropriate IT technology. All required data must be constantly and clearly available to the processes. Data can only be unique if the required data from a source is provided to the processing processes. Data that is recorded multiple times in different systems and databases are always different in content and thus hinder or prevent digitization.
Digitization offers all transport companies the chance to win new customers and retain existing customers. However, there is no risk of underestimating that the digitization project is failing. Important as with almost all projects is the correct communication and transparent exchange of all involved in the company.
For the companies themselves, it offers a unique opportunity to streamline processes, consolidate data, reduce costs, and increase effectiveness and efficiency. You just have to do it right.
Certainly, this is not an easy process because digitization is a big change. Particularly in the context of the picture of a shortage of skilled workers, there are enormous savings potentials that will make it possible to provide better and faster service with fewer administrative and organizational personnel.

  • To successfully implement this digitalization project:
  • Start by addressing the current and future needs of your service portfolio,
  • start by describing and adapting your processes and the data you need
  • improve the digital availability and quality of your data,
  • create transparency,
  • transfer your processes step by step into the digital world,
  • provide the required information to your customers on demand and in real time,
  • communicate with your customers through all available media.
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