IT Security

Information security in the enterprise means the protection goals privacy of guaranteeing availability and integrity and of protecting the enterprise against dangers and threats. Thus economic damage is avoided, the ability to work of the enterprises is carried out secured and the minimization by risks.

Information security you can reach out by establishing a ISMS (IT-security management system), which structures and keeps the IT security continuously high in your enterprise. In addition, you use a standardized and optimized action plan using the international ISO/CIEC 27000 series.

Thus to guarantee the privacy, integrity, authenticity and the availability in your IT.

Each well planned and operational IT system in your enterprise has errors and flaws and it is possible under certain basic conditions to have not authorized or intended access from the outside or also from the inside. An error free conversion is impossible with the variety of the products and manufacturers involved in the IT.

Over Business Impact and a risk analysis and followed by an evaluation you can define your appropriate protection goals. Based on it, you use your IT-security measures for your respective business processes. Using a standardized and structured approach and using IT-standards helps you not reinventing the wheel again (or better reduce the time to get results??). It helps with the improvement of the conversion of protection goals and accompanies with the reduction of the complexity.