Digital transformation for public transport

Digitization or digital transformation gives all companies the opportunity to win new customers and retain existing customers by giving a better internal and external service quality, a continuous high availability for vehicles to perform transportation tasks, accurate online information for customers.

It enables for example Asset Management and Workshop Management applications to take into account the increasing need for mobility in the future. You will be able to enhance the changed communication and sales processes. This includes, for example, permanently digitally accessible and always up-to-date information on transportation connections as well as digital payment options that make it easier and more convenient for passengers to use public transport. For the companies themselves, it offers a unique opportunity to streamline processes and consolidate data, thereby reducing costs and increasing effectiveness and efficiency. Especially in the context of the emerging shortage of skilled workers, there is enormous potential for savings, which will allow better and faster service to be provided in the future with fewer staff in administration and organization.

In order to successfully implement your digitization project,

  • start by recording the current and future requirements of your service portfolio
  • start by describing and adapting your processes and the required data
  • improve digital availability and quality of your data
  • create transparency
  • transfer your processes step by step to the digital world
  • provide your customers with the information they need in real time and as needed available
  • Communicate with your customers via all available media.

You want to know how to take the first step, or you want to move quickly toward to get results on digital transformation of your business?

Talk to us! Our team has many years of experience both as permanent employees and as external consultants for transport companies. We know how a transport company works and which adjustment need to be turned and how.

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