Depot Management Public Transport

Depot Management System (DMS)

By our long experience as advisors and projects manager during the successful introduction we can bring to life an operating Depot Management both from the practice of a public transport business and from the view of an experienced advisor.

We stand to which we promise and we do not talk about theoretical knowledge, as we have successfully put into production a large Depot Management System into the practice. Over the detection technology we used, you can find a short report.

Further options for a use of other detection technologies for buses and trains depend on the spatial and technical basic conditions of a project.

Our requirement is to be united it the view and the requirements of the management with the view of the users and users and we secures a negotiability into the practice.

For an exchange of experience we crweated a XING Group „Depot Management System “.

Register yourselfe in XING Group, english questionaires are welcome.