Workshop-Management and Asset-Management

Maintenance under ECM (Entity in Charge of maintenance)

In Asset-Management and Workshop-Management and management of the maintenance tasks, the topic of AI (artificial intelligence) is increasingly coming to the fore. However, the basis for successful maintenance optimization is compliance with the correct sequence during implementation.

The software to support maintenance must fit into the company’s process flow. On this basis, preventive and corrective maintenance can be optimally coordinated and linked to the operating processes. Only then does it make sense to initiate the next steps from condition-based maintenance (CBM) to the use of predictive maintenance using AI structures and functions.

Important for Europe and for your planning: In local rail passenger transport, the ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) maintenance management with its functions from ECM I to ECM IV for rail vehicles must be implemented and certified by June 2022. We support you with the introduction, quality assurance and optimization with the use of process-oriented solutions.

Overall, we will the benefits from this structure to a solution based as much as based definitions of data for processes as (just an excerpt):

  • Assets and their components
  • Infrastructure assets as signal, tracks and their switches by automated import and analyzing of regular measures during an inspection
  • Maintenance plans and their maintenance strategies for asset and components
  • Usage of counters for planned maintenance for Assets and their components
  • processes to transfer maintenance request to a workshop or a certified workshop
  • Integrate external workshop to execute maintenance
  • Create the actual workshop order and plan and make a reservation for the needed resources as teams and their qualifications, locations, tools, etc.
  • Transfer the order and their tasks to the executing team
  • perform the work and add feedback to the tasks or when needed fill up an electronical checklist
  • Perform a technical review checklist and technical release
  • Perform the operational release and handover
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